Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't have a blog subject but I have some fun pictures! Yeah, yeah. I know. That's random. But it's my blog and it's a slow week so here you go! I hope you enjoy some spring fever shots! Happy beginning of March!
That's me down there! I look so itsy bitsy! That's one of my favorite little t shirts and I miss it. It's packed in the Summer box just waiting to come back out. This picture is a bit of a cheat. I didn't know it was being taken (If I had I wouldn't have my arm poking out like a chicken wing.) but that's OUR boat! A buddy of mine took it before they docked. I'm at the fuel dock of my marina and I'm pretty sure I'm about to do something really cool to you non boaters and really boring to you mariners. Catch a boat, hop nimbly aboard, and fuel. Thrilling huh? Nope, not really. It does crack me up when people pull up and ooh and ah though. They like the boats, the birds, and the scenery. They LOVE the whole marine world so it puts things in perspective. This IS fun. Who wouldn't be thrilled to spend a day here?
I take it back. Who wouldn't want to spend a day HERE? Ah, much better. I've got a ton of pictures of the bow of my boat pointing towards water but I have a soft spot for this one. I was laying out down there on a hot, sticky summer day. Corey was happy as a crab driving and I was half asleep on my towel on the bow. One of those crazy summer showers popped up and I ran for the bridge to hide from the rain. I was sitting by Corey, SOAKED, when the sun came back out. It was so beautiful I had to take a picture. Through the rain and the sun, the temperature never dropped out of the high 90's. This was one of those great days. It was just Corey and I, driving in circles and chasing sun. We had nothing to do and nowhere to be. Summer. It's fabulous isn't it?

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  1. That last picture is so serene! It almost makes me want to go out on a boat...almost. (I'm afraid of being out on open water...)