Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't have a blog subject but I have some fun pictures! Yeah, yeah. I know. That's random. But it's my blog and it's a slow week so here you go! I hope you enjoy some spring fever shots! Happy beginning of March!
That's me down there! I look so itsy bitsy! That's one of my favorite little t shirts and I miss it. It's packed in the Summer box just waiting to come back out. This picture is a bit of a cheat. I didn't know it was being taken (If I had I wouldn't have my arm poking out like a chicken wing.) but that's OUR boat! A buddy of mine took it before they docked. I'm at the fuel dock of my marina and I'm pretty sure I'm about to do something really cool to you non boaters and really boring to you mariners. Catch a boat, hop nimbly aboard, and fuel. Thrilling huh? Nope, not really. It does crack me up when people pull up and ooh and ah though. They like the boats, the birds, and the scenery. They LOVE the whole marine world so it puts things in perspective. This IS fun. Who wouldn't be thrilled to spend a day here?
I take it back. Who wouldn't want to spend a day HERE? Ah, much better. I've got a ton of pictures of the bow of my boat pointing towards water but I have a soft spot for this one. I was laying out down there on a hot, sticky summer day. Corey was happy as a crab driving and I was half asleep on my towel on the bow. One of those crazy summer showers popped up and I ran for the bridge to hide from the rain. I was sitting by Corey, SOAKED, when the sun came back out. It was so beautiful I had to take a picture. Through the rain and the sun, the temperature never dropped out of the high 90's. This was one of those great days. It was just Corey and I, driving in circles and chasing sun. We had nothing to do and nowhere to be. Summer. It's fabulous isn't it?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eat your heart out!

I'm not a Valentine's Day fan. It's a silly holiday. You're either really good at it or you're destined for a holiday filled with anxiety and last minute shopping. Non Valentine's people only find value in the 75% off candy you can pick up the day after.

If it's not already obvious, I'm not a big fan of packed restaurants, slapped together bouquets, and cheap-o ugly jewelry they pimp in commercials. Blech. Still don't think that's bad enough? Keep scrolling down!
Ta da! It's a MEAT heart! Seriously. My favorite grocery store took two 1 inch thick ribeyes and packed them in a heart shaped cake pan. BOOM! It's an instant man gift to prove your love and affection. Could this thing BE any more disgusting?! Please pardon the awful picture. No one loves a post facial, fabric headband like me. I can totally rock the getting-pretty-makes-you-ugly look don't you think?
Let's put the Heart-O-Meat into perspective shall we?
-points to self- I'm a HEART patient. Holding this nasty thing. Oh, and I don't eat cows, or pigs, or anything else with fur for that matter. It's beyond awful. So why did I buy it? Because Handsome really loves steak and I really love Handsome. These were the biggest ribeyes in the store so these were the ones he got. Go me.

Ever seen two slabs of red meat marinating in a heart pan? It looks like an autopsy. I'm sorry to say that after I caught a glimpse I chickened out and insisted he cook them that night. Screw the marinade, I can't sleep with that THING lurking in my fridge. It totally creeped me out! My movie brain kicked in and all I could think about was opening the refrigerator door and being attacked by a giant meat heart Facehugger style like in Aliens. If you don't know what a Facehugger is Google it. It'll come back to you in all it's nightmare inducing glory. Next replace any picture you pull up with a meat heart and you'll have a pretty good idea of what was going through my head. It's a strange place in there sometimes.
THIS is how I spent that night while they were in there. Approach fridge with caution, avoid eye contact, prepare to kick a$$. Valentine's Day sucks.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sometimes thank you just doesn't say it.

I'm not a "big" person. In my family I'm not the prettiest, or the smartest, or the most ambitious. If you asked them to describe me they would say I was the sweetest. All of my treasures that I stored or put on the boat are either gifts or things inherited from the family members I've lost. We gave away the rest when Corey and I decided to live in this crazy and wonderful way. I'm not big on "things" but the treasures from my loved ones... those I kept. All of them.

If I had to describe myself I would use the word temperate. My biggest wishes are for happiness and health, usually for other people. I love peace and quiet and being on the water. I'm a mostly happy, mostly nice, mostly quiet person. Want to see me uncomfortable? Make me the center of attention. All I want out of life is to love my husband and family, live on this boat and travel a little, and treasure every breath and day after August of 2009. No big aspirations there! I don't want anything because I honestly don't NEED anything. Can you believe this, I'd actually be embarrassed to ask for or have more. It's just not right when I've been so lucky already.

It's no secret that I'm one of those girls that wants little and receives way too much. Yesterday was my birthday and I got all the phone calls and texts from my family and friends that I always do. Do you know what else happened? Facebook! This may seem very silly to you guys but it meant the world to me. I woke up to over a dozen birthday posts on my wall. By lunch, three dozen. By the end of a truly fabulous birthday about 150 people had taken a moment out of their day to post a "happy" for me to read.

Can you believe that? That many? What a gift! For a girl like me nothing could have shocked or touched me more. Thank you for my birthday present guys. It meant the world to me. In true Gillian spirit my birthday wish is simple. I want everyone to have as blessed and happy a year as you wished me. Seriously. Be happy, be nice to each other, and try your best to be healthy!

Thank you, thank you, you're more then I deserve. With friends like you it's going to be a wonderful year!

Update - Chuck has decided to participate as well. Right after this posted I stepped on a flying squirrel. Chuck sat serenly on our railing, looking very proud of himself. Sigh. It looks like Corey is on critter cleanup detail while I boot the cat onto the dock for a few hours. Let the year of 32 begin!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bottoms Up!

Did any of you notice that I said I had to get out of town in my last post? Well I really did. Our baby broke. Kind of. Don't be scared, I'm going to break down all boat terms into Gillianese so we'll all be on the same page. The Ms. Linda had a blistered bottom. I kid you not. That's what it's called. Last month we had our boat lifted out of the water for an inspection and a power wash. We're crazy, obsessive boat owners and we want our baby to be perfect so that's why. What we found was b.a.d!

Sometimes the fiberglass on the hull of a boat will "bubble" on a boat bottom and cause what looks like a blister. This is potentially awful because they let water in. Without a boat bottom you don't have a boat so this sucks. The blisters had to go and the Ms. Linda needed a whole new bottom job. We need new paint, sanding, and repairs. The only problem? Corey had to fix one girl of his while getting rid of the other one. Me!
This, my friends, is why. Very, very uncool. Our baby would be placed in the boat yard for at least 4 days to get the work done. The only way to get on the boat is to climb up a ladder and crawl through our tuna door. She's only running on half her power to. While most stuff works, there's no heat, or air, or fun stuff like cable, wifi, and Netflix. There's no way Corey is going to tolerate living with me on a boat, on LAND, without entertainment or heat. His solution was the best birthday present ever...
Bam! Disney! You already know how I was disposed of though so lets get back to what Corey was doing. He was busy! I called every day to check on him and our "baby" only to hear that we were a little behind schedule. All our old bottom paint was sanded down and then he repaired all the blisters. There were more then we thought so it took him a long time and I returned to this.
We're still in the boat yard. Darn. On a good note, notice our new black paint! Almost done! Guys, she looks gorgeous. All problem areas have been fixed and thanks to the fact that we both work in this particular boat yard we got a weekend date to go back in the water. I for one was very grateful to not have to wait till Monday. The giant blue thing you see in this picture is a boat lift. It's what picks up that monster boat of ours and moves it all around.
Look at our pretty props and shafts! The silver "bling" you see snapped everywhere are called zincs. They corrode away instead of the metal parts of the Ms. Linda. You place them all over your running gear to protect it from the crud. This may sound silly guys but looking at this just makes me happy. I'm officially insane for loving this that much. You know that little hum women make when they look at jewelry? I still do, but I make the same happy noise when I see beautifully maintained boats.

I can't explain it. It has to do with elegance and symmetry and all tied up with how they're maintained and improved by the people that own them. I just plain like them and always have. Simply put, boats are pretty. So there.
Here is my handsome and handy husband ambling around to the bow of our boat to guide the lift into place. That's a looong way down! We both aren't bothered by heights so amble it is.
Lifted! The creaks and groans had me pacing like a worried momma but she was fine. The yellow straps go all the way around the boat and the cardboard you see stuffed between the straps and the boat are there to protect our new paint.
Corey is very worried. She handled the lift fine, but the ride down to the water was a nail biter. She made it back to our slip without a scratch to her new paint so we're happy!
Also worried, Chuck. I came home to this pitiful critter wandering around and crying at everything and everyone. Reason 437 that I love Corey would be that while I was out of town he fed him and actually carried him onto the boat so that he would know where it was. No dice, Chuck is traumatized. We've reached full on stalker mode since I've been back. If you see me in the marina these days you'll find Chuck within a 10 foot radius and if not he's sitting on some of my stuff somewhere. Corey and I have no idea how to cure pitiful so it looks like I'll be dealing with an oversensitive cat for a while.

That's it! My week, Corey's, and poor Chuck's all in two big, fat blog posts. I'm going back to Googling a cool birthday present for Corey. He deserves it! Ideas???

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll never beat this!

I had to be out of town for a few days and my birthday is coming up. Corey stepped up and gave me the best birthday gift ever! Seriously guys, I don't know if I'm ever going to beat this. What would make Corey as happy on his birthday as he's made me?! I don't know yet, but I've got about half a year to figure something out.

So what did I get? A trip! Corey sent me to the happiest place on earth. Disney World! The stars aligned in such a way that I got to meet up with my sister in the sunshine state and spend some much needed quality time with her and her family. Corey gave me some unscheduled time with my family. That's a HUGE deal for this chick. Ready for some pictures?
It's a bunny! Okay, not really. It's Briar Rabbit. Every time my sister and I see a bunny of ANY kind we give a little nod to our mother. I couldn't find a better bunny in the parks so ole' B.R. here will just have to do.
I am super, very, happy! Disney is beyond adorable everywhere you look. See my Mickey sticker I'm wearing? That was a gift from my nephew. If you know a kid then you know how important the solemn sticker giving ceremony is. He gave me one of his treasures! Another good thing to note... gorgeous, pin tucked, hand stitched shirts look like crap after a day in the parks. Lesson learned. Sigh.
Here's me so happy I'm ignorant. And there's that expensive shirt looking like crap. Darn it! Still, Cinderella's castle! Weeee! It's all the little touches and hidden Mickeys that make this place so fun. Everywhere I looked I found Alice's cards painted on a floor or mouse ears painted on doorknobs. Do you know there's mice hidden in the rafters of Cindy's castle? I love all the details!
Look who met the mayor! Is he the mayor of just Main Street or does he get the castle to? Does Cinderella throw state dinners or something? Who would give the state of the union address and can you IMAGINE what the assembly would look like? Hmmm...
I really loved this. I popped in a dress shop and found it tucked in a dressing room area. The best part? Birds were chirping over the speakers. So. Stinkin'. Cute!
My favorite ride! It's different now. Disney made a movie based on the ride. The movie was so great they adapted the ride so it's based on the movie based on the ride. Whew! Did ya'll get that? Still, Jack Sparrow and pirates! Fantastic!
And last but not least, meet my new boyfriend. Pirate Goofy! This guy was hysterical. He let me smooch him then he dipped me and flirted for quite a while. Everyone standing around to meet him cracked up when I walked off and he hopped the ropes to follow me. It hit really adorable when another pirate got in the act and dragged him back at sword point, Goofy acted SUPER pitiful and pouted. I seriously LOVE this place!

I have a ton of pictures of me gazing adoringly and my niece and nephew and hugging my sister. Seeing them was the best part of the trip! Seeing my nephew eat ice cream with chocolate Mickey ears... wow. Holding my niece so we could see a show in front of the castle and hearing her gasp when Donald Duck came out... double wow. I actually got all teary a few times just SEEING them. They're gorgeous and they're getting so BIG! I'm never ever ever going to beat this trip. One more time, thank you Handsome! It's already the best birthday week ever!